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Message from the Principal

''The School for the Child'' is the motto of Drie Riviere primary.

Our focus is to ensure the child has a posititve school experience.

The staff is qualified and committed to proved the learner with high quality teaching. 

Teachers take into account that every child has their own individual learning needs and they will provide the necessary support. 

Learners' individual successes on the academic, sport and cultural field are acknowledged as this builds self confidence and

encourages them to strife for excellence.

Learning and teaching takes place in a disciplined and safe environment. Learners are expected to take responsibility for their bahaviour. 

Our discipline system is based on core values such as respect, self discipline, positive attitude, caring, consideration and thankfulness.

At Drie Riviere Primary we believe the only way to achoeve our goals and for every learner to achieve their full potential is if the learner, teacher, 

parent and family work together. The child's success depends upon the support of all three.


Thank you for looking through our school site. We invite you to visit our school.



L Van den Berg

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Please contact us for more information!

Tel: 016 454 0120/1
Fax: 016 454 8397
E-mail: ls3rv@lantic.net (finance)
  drierivadmin@lantic.net (admin)